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How to Choose the Right Damage Restoration Contractor

The success of a damage restoration work relies much on the team up of the property owner and the restoration contractor. It is important that the homeowner trusts the restoration contractor enough to fully carry out the remediation work in his home, and bring it back to its pre-water damaged condition.

The San Diego Water Damage Restoration Contractors’ Association has come up with a guide on how to choose the right contractor for the job. The association acknowledges that each household may have a specific budget for damage restoration work, especially those that come out of the pocket. And with the tight budget some the eagerness to hire the most budget-efficient contractor out there.

The San Diego Water Damage Restoration Association however cautions homeowners to undertake do a background check first on the contractor prior to accepting his budget-friendly offer to fully restore the water damaged property.  As the adage goes, when it is too good to be true, it probably is, and the San Diego Water Damage Restoration Contractors’ Association would not want San Diego residents to get short-changed.


So what should homeowners look out for when choosing a restoration contractor?

a. Credentials – Make sure that the restoration contractor has the appropriate state license and permits to undertake restoration work within the whole San Diego area. It is important that they are accredited by the state’s Better Business Bureau and at the same time, the company should be a member of reputable industry associations.


b. Track Record – A restoration contractor has to have a sizeable line-up of satisfied customers who strongly recommend their work. Ask for referrals, and get in touch with their past customers to find out how they performed.

c. Guarantees – It is important that a company is fully bonded and insured so that in case anything goes wrong with the work they have done, their clients can have some form of redress. In addition warranties are also important so that the clients can ensure that the work done and the supplies used are of high quality.

d. Customer Care – It is important for any restoration contractor to provide a great customer experience to their clients. From politeness, to promptness, as well as the eagerness to efficiently do the job and help the clients are all plus points towards a great damage restoration contractor.


Choosing the right water damage restoration contractor is crucial in attaining the desired restoration outcome.

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